Science / Chemistry / Particulate: Composed of distinct particles. Smoke is particulate; pure gases are not.

Particulate Organic Matter

Science / Marine Biology / Particulate Organic Matter: Particulate material in the sea derived from the decomposition of the nonmineral constituents of living organisms MORE


Business / Agriculture / Particulates: The Environmental Protection Agency has set National Ambient Air Quality Standards for particulates. One, in effect since 1987, regulates particles smaller than 10 microns in diameter (PM10): the othe MORE


Science / Chemistry / Nonparticulate: Not composed of distinct particles. MORE

Tidal Current

Science / Geology / Tidal Current: A horizontal displacement of ocean water under the gravitational influence of Sun and Moon, causing the water to pile up against the coast at high tide and move outward at low tide. MORE

Tidal Wave

Science / Geology / Tidal Wave: A term that is incorrectly used in reference to a tsunami. Tsunamis have nothing to do with the tides. MORE


Life Style / Travel / Funnel: The ship's smokestack. Some funnels have a 'winged' upper portion to help send any exhaust particulates away from passenger decks. The ships of carnival cruise lines feature this distinctive funnel fe MORE