Pattern Recognition

Science / Chemistry / Pattern Recognition: A computational technique used to find patterns and develop classification schemes for data in very large data sets.

Other Words for Pattern

Pattern Verb Synonyms: figure, motif, design, device, decoration, ornament
Pattern Noun Synonyms: model, original, archetype, prototype, exemplar, paragon, ideal, standard, yardstick, criterion, gauge, measure

Other Words for Recognition

Recognition Verb Synonyms: identification, detection
Recognition Noun Synonyms: acknowledgement, notice, attention, cognizance, acceptance, awareness, perception, admission, honor, appreciation

Recognition Clause

Business / Real Estate / Recognition Clause: A clause found in some blanket mortgages used to purchase a tract of land for subdivision development providing for protection of the rights of the ultimate buyers of individual lots in case of defaul MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Recognition: An acknowledgement of an employee’s exceptional performance or achievements expressed in the form of praise, commendation or gratitude. MORE

Post Pattern

Entertainment / Football / Post Pattern: Sprint 8 to 10 yards, fake, look back at QB, then sprint deep at 45 degrees, the opposite pattern is the flag route Pop Warner League: youth football leagues similar to Little League Baseball leagues MORE

Play Pattern

Entertainment / Video Games / Play Pattern: Game mechanic. For example, a crossword puzzle entails a different player activity than does a card game. MORE

Revenue Recognition Principle

Business / Accounting / Revenue Recognition Principle: The idea that revenues should be recorded when (1) the earnings process has been substantially completed and (2) an exchange has taken place. MORE

Trading Pattern

Business / Finance / Trading Pattern: CDs purchased by accounts that are likely to resell them. The term is commonly used in the Euromarket. MORE