Science / Chemistry / Penetration: Electrons in penetrating orbitals can reach the nucleus. The n and ell quantum numbers determine how well an orbital penetrates. Lower n and lower ell values mean better penetration. A low n value means the orbital is small. A low ell value means the orbital has fewer nuclear nodes (planes that pass through the nucleus where the probability of locating the electron is zero). In order of decreasing penetration, the subshells are s > p > d > f. A 1s orbital penetrates better than a 2s orbital.

Other Words for Penetration

Penetration Adjective Synonyms: piercing, perforation, puncturing, incision, puncture, penetrating, inroad, entry, entrance

Market Penetration

Entertainment / Video Games / Market Penetration: The ratio of installed base versus population. (People who buy a product vs. People who do not.) MORE

Market Penetration-Share

Business / Finance / Market Penetration-Share: Used in the context of general equities. Percent of trading volume in a stock that a particular market maker trades. MORE

Penetration Anchor

Science / Marine Biology / Penetration Anchor: In hydraulically burrowing organisms, any device used to penetrate and gain an initial purchase on the sediment so that the body can be thrust in farther MORE