Science / Chemistry / Peptide: A short polymer made by linking together amino acid molecules.


Science / Genetics / Polypeptide: A protein or part of a protein made of a chain of amino acids joined by a peptide bond. MORE

Copper Peptide

Health / Vitamins / Copper Peptide: Compound consisting of a peptide (small fragment of protein) and copper atom, known to benefit in tissue regeneration therapy, used in treating wounds and skin lesions, but also gastrointestinal condi MORE

Peptide Bond

Science / Biology / Peptide Bond: A covalent bond that links two amino acids together to form a polypeptide chain. A covalent bond between the amine end of one amino acid and the acid end of another amino acid. MORE


Science / Biology / Peptides: Short chains of amino acids. MORE

Acetyl Hexapeptide (AH3)

Health / Vitamins / Acetyl Hexapeptide (AH3): Used as ingredient in anti-aging cosmetics, relaxes facial muscle contractions and helps smoothen wrinkles, acts similarly to Botox injections. MORE


Science / Biology / Pepsin: An enzyme produced from pepsinogen that initiates protein digestion by breaking down protein into large peptide fragments. An enzyme, produced by the stomach, that chemically breaks down peptide bonds MORE