Pi Bond

Science / Chemistry / Pi Bond: In the valence bond theory, a pi bond is a valence bond formed by side-by-side overlap of p orbitals on two bonded atoms. In most multiple bonds, the first bond is a sigma bond and all of the others are pi bonds.

Other Words for Bond

Bond Noun Synonyms: tie(s), shackles, chains, fetters, manacles, handcuffs, trammels, thongs, cord(s), rope(s), restraint(s), constraint(s), check(s), control(s), rein(s)
Bond Verb Synonyms: cement, bind, hold together, stick, cohere

Triple Bond

Science / Chemistry / Triple Bond: A covalent bond that involves 3 bonding pairs. In the valence bond theory, one of the bonds in a triple bond is a sigma bond and the other two are pi bonds. For example, the central bond in acetylene MORE

Pinot Teinturier

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Pinot Teinturier: Also known as Teinturier du Cher. Of ancient origin, it is genetically present in the majority of varieties grown in order to add deeper redness, due to its pink flesh, to blends. In the late 20th cen MORE

Pinot St. George

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Pinot St. George: Grape found on small acreages in California and now thought to be identical to the Negrette of southern France.. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Pinotage: Cultivar widely grown and successful in South Africa since its release in in 1925. Also currently grown in Brazil, Canada, California (USA), Virginia (USA) and Zimbabwe. Derived from the crossing of P MORE


Technology / Computers / Pinout: A diagram or table that describes the purpose of each pin in a chip or connector, or each wire in a cable. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Pipa: A Chinese lute with four silk strings: played as solo and ensemble instrument. MORE