Science / Chemistry / Polarity: A property associated with molecules when the center of positive charge and the center of negative charge don't coincide. See also polar molecule and polar bond.

Magnetic Polarity

Technology / Motors / Magnetic Polarity: It is a fundamental principle of a winding that adjacent poles must be wound to give opposite magnetic polarity. This does not mean that the coils actually have to be wound in this direction before be MORE

Polarity Therapy

Health / Massage / Polarity Therapy: Polarity therapy is based on universal principles of energy--attraction, repulsion, and neutrality. The interrelation of these principles forms the basis for every aspect of life, including our experi MORE

Polarity Event

Science / Geology / Polarity Event: A specific event in the history of Earth's magnetic field. Usually used in reference to a specific polarity reversal. MORE

Polarity Reversal

Science / Geology / Polarity Reversal: A change in the polarity of Earth's magnetic field in which the north magnetic pole becomes the south magnetic pole and vice versa. Also known as geomagnetic reversal or magnetic reversal. Earth's mag MORE

Polarity Epoch

Science / Geology / Polarity Epoch: An interval of time between reversals of Earth's magnetic field. MORE

Electrical Degree

Technology / Motors / Electrical Degree: A unit of measurement of time as applied to alternating current. One complete cycle =360 electrical degrees. One cycle in a rotating electric machine is accomplished when the rotating field moves from MORE