Science / Chemistry / Product: A substance that is produced during a chemical change.

Other Words for Product

Product Noun Synonyms: result, consequence, output, outcome, issue, effect, fallout, yield, upshot, spin-off, offshoot, by-product

High Value Products (HVP)

Business / Agriculture / High Value Products (HVP): Agricultural products that are high in value, often but not necessarily due to processing. Hvps can be divided into three groups: 1) semi-processed products, such as fresh and frozen meats, flour, veg MORE

Asexual Reproduction

Science / Biology / Asexual Reproduction: A method of reproduction in which genetically identical offspring are produced from a single parent; occurs by many mechanisms, including fission, budding, and fragmentation. MORE

Poultry Products Inspection Act Of 1957

Business / Agriculture / Poultry Products Inspection Act Of 1957: P.L. 85-172 (August 28, 1957), as amended by the Wholesome Poultry Products Act of 1968 (P.L. 90-492, August 18, 1968), requires USDA to inspect all 'domesticated birds' when slaughtered and processed MORE

Reproductive Isolating Mechanism

Science / Biology / Reproductive Isolating Mechanism: Biological or behavioral characteristics that reduce or prevent interbreeding with other populations; e.g., the production of sterile hybrids. Establishment of reproductive isolation is considered ess MORE

Primary Production

Science / Marine Biology / Primary Production: The production of living matter by photosynthesizing organisms or by chemosynthesizing organisms. Usually expressed as grams of carbon per square meter per year MORE

Reproductive Effort

Science / Marine Biology / Reproductive Effort: The fraction of assimilated nutrients that are devoted to reproductive behavior and gamete production MORE