Science / Chemistry / Propellant: 1. A mixture of fuel and oxidizing agent that reacts to produce a high-energy stream of product gases that can produce thrust. For examples, see What makes a good rocket fuel? 2. A compressed gas used to push a material through a nozzle, forming an aerosol or a foam. For example, nitrogen or propane are used as propellants for shaving cream; nitrous oxide is used as a propellant for whipped cream.


Technology / Rockets / Igniter: An igniter is a small device which is used to ignite the propellant of a rocket motor. It's usually made of nichrome wire tipped with a combustible solid compound. When an electrical current is fed th MORE


Technology / Rockets / Inhibit: Bonding non-propellant material to restrict the burning surface of a propellant grain. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Pressure: Force per unit area. The SI unit of pressure is the pascal, defined as one newton per square meter. Other common pressure units are the atmosphere, the bar, and the Torr. MORE