Science / Chemistry / Protein: A complex polymer made by linking together amino acid molecules. Proteins sometimes contain non-amino acid components such as metal ions or porphyrin rings embedded within.

Zinc-Finger Protein

Science / Genetics / Zinc-Finger Protein: A secondary feature of some proteins containing a zinc atom: a DNA-binding protein. MORE


Science / Biology / Glycoproteins: Polysaccharides formed of sugars linked to proteins. On the outer surface of a membrane, they act as receptors for molecular signals originating outside the cell. MORE


Science / Biology / Proteins: Polymers made up of amino acids that perform a wide variety of cellular functions. One of the classes of organic macromolecules that function as structural and control elements in living systems. Prot MORE

Histone Proteins

Science / Biology / Histone Proteins: Proteins associated with DNA in eukaryote chromosomes. MORE


Health / Vitamins / Glycoprotein: A compound containing a protein and a carbohydrate. MORE

Protein Polymorphism

Science / Marine Biology / Protein Polymorphism: Presence of several variants of a protein of a given type (e.g., a certain enzyme, such as carboxylase) in a population MORE