Quantum Number

Science / Chemistry / Quantum Number: Indices that label quantized energy states. Quantum numbers are used to describe the state of a confined electron, e. G. An electron in an atom.

Other Words for Number

Number Verb Synonyms: few, handful, crowd, slew, gang, bunch, party, bevy, covey, troop, company, platoon, swarm, horde, multitude, mob, host, army, mass, hundred, thousand, million, billion, several, many, numbers, legions, slew(s) or slue(s), loads
Number Noun Synonyms: issue, edition, copy
Number Adjective Synonyms: numeral, integer, figure, digit

Magnetic Quantum Number

Science / Chemistry / Magnetic Quantum Number: Quantum number that labels different orbitals within a subshell. Mell can take on values from -ell to +ell. The number of orbitals in a subshell is the same as the number of possible mell values. MORE

Angular Momentum Quantum Number

Science / Chemistry / Angular Momentum Quantum Number: (ell) azimuthal quantum number; orbital angular momentum quantum number. A quantum number that labels the subshells of an atom. Sometimes called the orbital angular momentum quantum number, this quant MORE

Principal Quantum Number

Science / Chemistry / Principal Quantum Number: The quantum number that determines the size and (in hydrogen atoms) the energy of an orbital. N is used to label electron shells. N may take on integer values from 1 to infinity. MORE

Number Portability

Technology / Cell Phones / Number Portability: A term used to describe the capability of individuals, businesses and organizations to retain their existing telephone number(s) –– and the same quality of service –– when switching to a new l MORE

Ol Number One

Entertainment / Baseball / Ol Number One: A fastball. The term comes from the usual signal that a catcher gives to a pitcher for a fastball, which is pointing the number one down. MORE

Oxidation Number

Science / Chemistry / Oxidation Number: A convention for representing a charge of an atom embedded within a compound, if the compound were purely ionic. For example, H2O is a covalent compound; if it were ionic, the hydrogens would be H+ (o MORE