Redox Indicator

Science / Chemistry / Redox Indicator: An organic molecule that has reduced and oxidized forms with different colors; interconversion of the reduced and oxidized forms of the indicator must be reversible. Ferroin is an example.

Other Words for Indicator

Indicator Noun Synonyms: pointer, needle, gauge, meter, display


Science / Chemistry / Indicator: A substance that undergoes an sharp, easily observable change when conditions in its solutions change. See, for example, acid-base indicator and redox indicator. MORE

Radar Indicator

Technology / Radar / Radar Indicator: A unit of a radar set which provides a visual indication of radar echoes received, using a cathode-ray tube for such indication. Besides the cathode-ray tube, the radar indicator is comprised of sweep MORE

Range Height Indicator (RHI)

Technology / Radar / Range Height Indicator (RHI): A range height indicator (rhi) is a radar display that represents the height of the target on the vertical axis, and uses the horizontal axis of the rhi to represent the target range. MORE

Plan Position Indicator (PPI)

Technology / Radar / Plan Position Indicator (PPI): The face or screen of a cathode-ray tube on which radar images appear in correct relation to each other, so that the scope face presents a chart like representation of the area about the antenna, the MORE


Life Style / Wine / Redox: A term describing the reductive-oxidative way that wine ages. As one part gains oxygen and becomes oxidized, another part loses oxygen and becomes reduced. Early in its life, a wine will exhibit oxida MORE

Plan Position Indicator

Science / Weather / Plan Position Indicator: Also known as a PPI Scope, it is a radar indicator scope displaying range and azimuth of targets in polar coordinates. MORE