Science / Chemistry / Residue: 1. The substances left after an evaporation or distillation. 2. A recognizable molecular fragment embedded in a larger molecule; for example, amino acid 'residues' within a protein.

Other Words for Residue

Residue Adjective Synonyms: remainder, leftover, surplus, remains, rest, excess, dregs, residuum

Pesticide Residue Tolerance

Business / Agriculture / Pesticide Residue Tolerance: The amount of pesticide residue allowed by regulation to remain in or on a food sold in interstate commerce. Whenever a pesticide is registered for use on a food or a feed crop, a tolerance (or exempt MORE

Crop Residue

Business / Agriculture / Crop Residue: That portion of a plant, such as a corn stalk, left in the field after harvest. Crop residues are measured for farmers who use conservation tillage to implement their conservation plans to meet conser MORE


Business / Agriculture / Biomass: The generic term for any living matter that can be converted into usable energy through biological or chemical processes. It encompasses feedstocks such as agricultural crops and their residues, anima MORE


Business / Agriculture / Alar: Trade name for daminozide, a plant regulator and therefore classed as a pesticide, that makes apples redder, firmer, and less likely to drop off trees before harvest. It was also used to a lesser exte MORE


Business / Agriculture / Alcohol: The family name of a group of organic chemical compounds that includes methanol, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, and others. Ethanol is produced from crops or residues with a high carbohydrate content. Al MORE


Business / Agriculture / Mulch: A natural or artificial layer of plant residue or other material on the soil surface. Mulch reduces erosion, conserves soil moisture, inhibits weed growth, and can provide the soil with organic matter MORE