Science / Chemistry / Reversible: A process or reaction that can be reversed by an infinitesimally small change in conditions. For example, ice and water coexist at 1 atm and 0°C; a very slight temperature increase causes the ice to melt; a tiny temperature decrease causes the water to freeze. Melting or freezing under these conditions can be considered reversible. Reversible processes are infinitesimally close to equilibrium.

Reversible Reaction

Science / Geology / Reversible Reaction: A chemical reaction which can proceed in either direction, depending on the concentration of reacting materials. MORE

Tardive Dyskinesia

Science / Psychiatry / Tardive Dyskinesia: (tar-div dis-ki-ne-se-ah) A syndrome of potentially irreversible, involuntary, movements that may develop in patients treated with antipsychotic drugs. Characterized by abnormal, spasmodic, involuntar MORE


Life Style / Painting / Walls: A painting made directly on a wall or a ceiling is termed a mural. The surface of the wall has to be carefully prepared so that the paints will have the maximum chance of adhering. For fresco-painting MORE