Second Law

Science / Chemistry / Second Law: The second law states that every spontaneous process causes a net increase in the entropy of the universe. Many alternative statements are possible, including: Heat cannot be converted to work via an isothermal cycle. Heat cannot be converted to work with 100% efficiency. Heat cannot flow from a cold object to a warmer object without doing outside work.

Other Words for Law

Law Noun Synonyms: principle, proposition, theory, theorem, formula, axiom, deduction, corollary, postulate, conclusion, inference
Law Verb Synonyms: rule, regulation, ordinance, statute, act, enactment, by-law, measure, edict, decree, order, directive, injunction, command, commandment, canon, mandate, ukase

Other Words for Second

Second Noun Synonyms: alternate, other
Second Verb Synonyms: moment, instant, flash, minute, twinkling or wink or bat (of an eye), split second, sec, jiffy, two shakes (of a lamb's tail), tick, half a mo
Second Adjective Synonyms: subsequent, following, next

Asimovs Three Laws Of Robotics

Entertainment / Literature / Asimovs Three Laws Of Robotics: Science fiction author Isaac Asimov originally posited Asimov's three laws in his short stories collected in I, Robot. These laws were mathematical limitations or hardwired parameters for robotic beha MORE

Second Wine

Life Style / Wine / Second Wine: The introduction of second wines - primarily in Bordeaux - was an important step in improving quality. The second wine allows the best grapes to be used for the first wine - the grand vin - whereas th MORE

Second-Generation Teacher

Health / Pilates / Second-Generation Teacher: Refers to any teacher of Pilates who has learned the Method directly under one of Joseph Pilates' original students, known as 'first-generation teachers.' For example, Jillian Hessel is a second-gener MORE