Second Order Reaction

Science / Chemistry / Second Order Reaction: A reaction with a rate law that is proportional to either the concentration of a reactant squared, or the product of concentrations of two reactants.

Other Words for Order

Order Verb Synonyms: organization, arrangement, grouping, disposition, form, structure, categorization, systematization or systemization, classification, codification, disposal, layout, array, sequence, set-up
Order Noun Synonyms: organization, uniformity, regularity, system, pattern, symmetry, harmony, tidiness, orderliness, neatness

Other Words for Reaction

Reaction Noun Synonyms: response, reply, answer, effect, feedback
Reaction Verb Synonyms: retaliation, reciprocation, reprisal, revenge

Other Words for Second

Second Adjective Synonyms: subsequent, following, next
Second Verb Synonyms: moment, instant, flash, minute, twinkling or wink or bat (of an eye), split second, sec, jiffy, two shakes (of a lamb's tail), tick, half a mo
Second Noun Synonyms: alternate, other

Second Surgical Opinion

Health / Dentistry / Second Surgical Opinion: A CIGNA HealthCare program an employer may purchase in connection with some CIGNA HealthCare benefits plans which can reduce the incidence of unnecessary surgery by providing participants with second MORE

Second Stage Surgery

Health / Dentistry / Second Stage Surgery: In relation to die subperiosteal implant, this refers to die reopening of the tissue, placement of the framework which was constructed, after the first stage surgery. For endosteal submerged implants, MORE

Second Viennese School

Entertainment / Music / Second Viennese School: Name given to composer Arnold Schoenberg and his pupils Alban Berg and Anton Webern: represents the first efforts in twelve-tone composition. MORE

Second Wine

Life Style / Wine / Second Wine: The introduction of second wines - primarily in Bordeaux - was an important step in improving quality. The second wine allows the best grapes to be used for the first wine - the grand vin - whereas th MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Second-Order: The frequency attenuation that occurs at a rate of 12 db per octave. MORE

Second-Generation Teacher

Health / Pilates / Second-Generation Teacher: Refers to any teacher of Pilates who has learned the Method directly under one of Joseph Pilates' original students, known as 'first-generation teachers.' For example, Jillian Hessel is a second-gener MORE