Science / Chemistry / Shielding: Electrons in orbitals with high penetration can shield the nucleus from less penetrating electrons. Because they are closer to the nucleus on average, they repel those farther away and lessen the effective nuclear charge for the more distant electrons.

Video Shielding

Technology / Home Audio / Video Shielding: A way of containing a speaker's magnetic energy inside its enclosure. This is usually achieved by placing another speaker magnet back-to-back with the existing one so that the two magnetic fields canc MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Etching: Dissolving away selected areas of a surface while shielding the other portions with a resistant. The process is used as a creative drawing medium as well as for making half-tone plates on copper or zi MORE

Double Stacked (Magnet)

Technology / Home Audio / Double Stacked (Magnet): Two magnets overlaying each other to increase the overall magnetic field. In some designs for home theater applications the polarity is reversed which provides the effect of 'shielding,'inhibiting the MORE

Effective Nuclear Charge

Science / Chemistry / Effective Nuclear Charge: The nuclear charge experienced by an electron when other electrons are shielding the nucleus. MORE