Soluble Salt

Science / Chemistry / Soluble Salt: An ionic compound that dissolves in a solvent (usually water).

Other Words for Salt

Salt Noun Synonyms: common or table salt, sodium chloride, sea salt, rock-salt
Salt Verb Synonyms: pickled, kippered, marinated, soused, corned, cured
Salt Adjective Synonyms: (Attic) wit, Attic salt, dry humour, sarcasm


Science / Geology / Saltation: The transport of sediment in short jumps and bounces above the stream bed or ground by a current that is not strong enough to hold the sediment in continuous suspension. (See suspension and traction f MORE


Entertainment / Music / Saltarello: Italian 'jumping dance', often characterized by triplets in a rapid 4/4 time. MORE

Salt Water

Science / Weather / Salt Water: The water of the ocean, distinguished from fresh water by its appreciable salinity. MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Salting: Refers to paid union organizers who apply for jobs with an employer for the purpose of organizing the employer’s workforce. MORE

Silver Salts

Entertainment / Photography / Silver Salts: Compounds of silver. MORE


Health / Vitamins / Water-Soluble: Water-soluble vitamins like B-6, C, and folic acid are easily absorbed by the body. Your body uses the vitamins it needs, then excretes excess water-soluble vitamins in urine. Because these vitamins a MORE