Science / Chemistry / Solution: A sample of matter consisting of more than one pure substance with properties that do not vary within the sample. Also called a homogeneous mixture.

Other Words for Solution

Solution Adverb Synonyms: mixture, blend, compound, infusion, liquid, fluid, emulsion, suspension, colloid or colloidal solution or colloidal suspension
Solution Adjective Synonyms: dissolving, dissolution, mixing, mixture
Solution Noun Synonyms: solving, working or figuring out, discovery, finding out, unravelling, explication, deciphering, decipherment, elucidation, revelation, clarification, explanation, answer, key

Unsaturated Solution

Science / Chemistry / Unsaturated Solution: A solution with a concentration lower than its equilibrium solubility. MORE

Saturated Solution

Science / Chemistry / Saturated Solution: A solution which does not dissolve any more solute. When a saturated solution is placed in contact with additional solute, solute neither dissolves nor is deposited from a saturated solution. MORE

Standard Solution

Science / Chemistry / Standard Solution: A solution of precisely known concentration. MORE

Enthalpy Of Solution

Science / Chemistry / Enthalpy Of Solution: The heat absorbed or released when a solute is dissolved in a solvent. The heat of solution depends on the nature of the solute and on its concentration in the final solution. MORE

Resolution In Range

Technology / Radar / Resolution In Range: The ability to display multiple objects individually that are closely spaced at the same bearing. Smaller horizontal beam width increases resolution. MORE

Supersaturated Solution

Science / Chemistry / Supersaturated Solution: A supersaturated solution has concentration of solute that is higher than its solubility. A crystal of solute dropped into a supersaturated solution grows; excess solute is deposited out of the soluti MORE