Science / Chemistry / Spin: Electrons have an intrinsic angular momentum that is similar to what would be observed if they were spinning. Electron spin is sometimes called a 'twoness' property because it can have two values, referred to as 'spin up' and 'spin down'. Nuclei can have spins of their own.

Other Words for Spin

Spin Verb Synonyms: revolve, turn, rotate, gyrate, twirl, whirl, twist, reel, pirouette, pivot

Spina Bifida

Science / Genetics / Spina Bifida: A congenital condition that results from altered fetal development of the spinal cord, part of the neural plate fails to join together and bone and muscle are unable to grow over this open section. MORE


Entertainment / Tennis / Topspin: Spin of a ball where the top of the ball rotates toward the direction of travel; the spin goes forward over the top of the ball, causing the ball to dip and bounce at a higher angle to the court. MORE


Business / Finance / Spins: A company can create an independent company from an existing part of the company by selling or distributing new shares in the so-called spin-off. MORE

Spin Pair

Science / Chemistry / Spin Pair: Two electrons with opposite spins, usually occupying the same orbital. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Semi-Spinner: A semi-roller that tracks lower that normal causing the ball to spin quicker. Can be desirable to generate more length at the expense of some power. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Backspin: (also sometimes called 'juice') reverse rotation on the ball MORE