Standard Enthalpy Change

Science / Chemistry / Standard Enthalpy Change: A change in enthalpy associated with a reaction or transformation involving substances in their standard states.

Other Words for Change

Change Noun Synonyms: substitution, replacement, exchange, interchange, switch
Change Verb Synonyms: exchange, interchange, switch, trade, replace (with), substitute, swap or swop

Other Words for Standard

Standard Noun Synonyms: criterion, measure, benchmark, model, pattern, archetype, touchstone, yardstick, gauge, guide, guideline, paradigm, paragon, exemplar, example, sample, type, ideal, beau id‚al, rule, canon, law, requirement, precept, principle

Standard Entropy Of Reaction

Science / Chemistry / Standard Entropy Of Reaction: A change in entropy associated with a reaction involving substances in their standard states. A superscript circle (°) distinguishes standard enthalpy changes from enthalpy changes which involve reac MORE

Quantitative Change

Entertainment / Literature / Quantitative Change: In linguistics, an alteration in the length of a sound--particularly vowel sounds. Contrast with qualitative change. MORE

Qualitative Change

Entertainment / Literature / Qualitative Change: In linguistics, an alteration in the perceived quality of a sound or the basic nature of a sound. Contrast with quantitative change, below. MORE

Real Exchange Rates

Business / Finance / Real Exchange Rates: Exchange rates that have been adjusted for the inflation differential between two countries. MORE

Reasonable Person Standard

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Reasonable Person Standard: A standard used in sexual harassment suits, referring to conduct or behavior so offensive in nature that any reasonable person, regardless of sex, would agree the conduct or behavior should be illegal MORE

Regional Exchange

Business / Taxes / Regional Exchange: Stock exchanges in cities other than New York are called regional exchanges. They list both regional stocks, which may or may not be listed on the New York exchanges, as well as stocks that are listed MORE