Strong Base

Science / Chemistry / Strong Base: A strong base is an base that completely dissociates into ions in solution. Strong bases are strong electrolytes. The most common strong bases are alkali metal and alkaline earth metal hydroxides.

Other Words for Base

Base Noun Synonyms: bottom, foot, support, stand, pedestal
Base Verb Synonyms: establish, found, secure, build, ground, anchor, fix, hinge, form, derive, draw
Base Adjective Synonyms: low, undignified, cowardly, selfish, mean, despicable, contemptible, filthy, evil

Other Words for Strong

Strong Adjective Synonyms: competent, talented, skilled, qualified, knowledgeable, able, experienced, well-versed, trained, efficient, capable
Strong Verb Synonyms: powerful, concentrated, intense, pungent, potent, sharp, piquant, acrid, heady, penetrating, aromatic, fragrant, hot, spicy
Strong Noun Synonyms: powerful, muscular, mighty, brawny, strapping, robust, sturdy, stalwart, burly, stout, sinewy, athletic, wiry, beefy, hefty, husky

Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Model (PBPK Model)

Health / Disease / Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Model (PBPK Model): A computer model that describes what happens to a chemical in the body. This model describes how the chemical gets into the body, where it goes in the body, how it is changed by the body, and how it l MORE

Rate Base

Business / Finance / Rate Base: The value of a regulated public utility and its operations as defined by its regulators and on which the company is allowed to earn a particular rate of return. MORE


Health / Dentistry / Rebase: The process of refitting a denture by replacing the base material. MORE

Performance-Based Pay

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Performance-Based Pay: A variable pay strategy that pays employees based on their individual performance and contributions, rather than the value of the job they are performing. MORE

Performance Based Inspection System (PBIS)

Business / Agriculture / Performance Based Inspection System (PBIS): A computer-based system used by USDA’s meat and poultry inspection agency, the Food Safety and Inspection Service. The system organizes inspection requirements, schedules inspection activities, and MORE

P Base

Technology / Motors / P Base: A special mounting similar to 'D' flange except with a machine fit tenon recessed instead of protruding. Usually found on pumps. MORE