Strong Electrolyte

Science / Chemistry / Strong Electrolyte: A strong electrolyte is a solute that completely dissociates into ions in solution. Solutions of strong electrolytes conduct electricity. Most soluble ionic compounds are strong electrolytes.

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Science / Chemistry / Electrolyte: A substance that dissociates fully or partially into ions when dissolved in a solvent, producing a solution that conducts electricity. See strong electrolyte, weak electrolyte. MORE

Strong Base

Science / Chemistry / Strong Base: A strong base is an base that completely dissociates into ions in solution. Strong bases are strong electrolytes. The most common strong bases are alkali metal and alkaline earth metal hydroxides. MORE

Strong Acid

Science / Chemistry / Strong Acid: A strong acid is an acid that completely dissociates into hydrogen ions and anions in solution. Strong acids are strong electrolytes. There are only six common strong acids: hcl (hydrochloric acid), h MORE

Weak Electrolyte

Science / Chemistry / Weak Electrolyte: A weak electrolyte is a solute that incompletely dissociates into ions in solution. For example, acetic acid partially dissociates into acetate ions and hydrogen ions, so that an acetic acid solution MORE

Strong Safety (SS)

Entertainment / Football / Strong Safety (SS): A kind of safety on defense, as opposed to a free safety. This is a central defensive back; originally, the term indicated that he lined up on the strong side of the field and covered the tight end. H MORE

Strong Ligand

Science / Chemistry / Strong Ligand: A ligand that causes a large crystal field splitting which results in a low-spin complex. MORE