Structural Formula

Science / Chemistry / Structural Formula: A structural formula is a diagram that shows how the atoms in a molecule are bonded together. Atoms are represented by their element symbols and covalent bonds are represented by lines. The symbol for carbon is often not drawn. Most structural formulas don't show the actual shape of the molecule (they're like floor plans that show the layout but not the 3D shape of a house).

Other Words for Formula

Formula Adjective Synonyms: recipe, rubric, formulary, rule(s), prescription, directions, instructions, blueprint, method, technique, means, way, pattern, procedure, modus operandi, MO


Entertainment / Literature / Post-Structuralism: A collective and loose term for any of the literary theories appearing after the structuralist movement in linguistics--including Derrida's infamous concept of deconstruction. The more radical poststr MORE

Rolfing Structural Integration

Health / Massage / Rolfing Structural Integration: A method to reorder the major body segments, Rolfing was founded by American biochemist Dr. Ida Rolf in the 1940s. Rolfing utilizes physical manipulation and movement awareness to bring head, shoulder MORE

Oral Formulaic

Entertainment / Literature / Oral Formulaic: Having traits associated with works intended to be spoken aloud before an audience of listeners. Examples of oral formulaic traits are (1) repetition of words or passages, (2) use of epithets after or MORE