Science / Chemistry / Sugar: A carbohydrate with a characteristically sweet taste. Sugars are classified as monosaccharides, disaccharides, or trisaccharides.

Sugar Re-Export Programs

Business / Agriculture / Sugar Re-Export Programs: Administered by USDA, program regulations allow cane refiners and food manufacturers, subject to certain conditions, to import sugar exempt from tariff-rate quota provisions that apply to sugar import MORE

Forfeiture Penalty (Sugar)

Business / Agriculture / Forfeiture Penalty (Sugar): A penalty paid to the Commodity Credit Corporation by a processor of sugar beets or sugarcane who, having taken out a nonrecourse loan, decides to hand over sugar pledged as collateral to the CCC rath MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Sugargate: Black fruited, female-pollinate V.rotundifolia (ie. Muscadine) variety. Has synonym name Georgia S.5-5-5. Derived from a Fry x Georgia S.29-49 cross. Reported to be unsuitable for the US Gulf coast re MORE

Residual Sugar

Life Style / Wine / Residual Sugar: The amount of sugar left in the wine after alcoholic fermentation. Residual sugar may be the result of high must weight, or the termination of fermentation before all the sugar has been converted into MORE

Sugar Syrup

Entertainment / Liquor / Sugar Syrup: A sweetener for cocktails, made by dissolving sugar in boiling water MORE

Sugar Ripeness

Life Style / Wine / Sugar Ripeness: When the grapes reach a certain sugar concentration, sufficient for alcoholic fermentation and meeting the demands of the winemaker, this is sugar ripeness. It is distinct from physiological ripeness MORE