Science / Chemistry / Sulfate: 1. The SO42- ion, formed by reaction of sulfuric acid with a base. 2. A compound containing the SO42- ion.

Barium Sulfate

Entertainment / Photography / Barium Sulfate: Compound used in the manufacture of photographic printing paper to give bright white highlights in the final print. MORE

Ammonium Persulfate

Entertainment / Photography / Ammonium Persulfate: Chemical used in super-proportional reducers. MORE

Copper Sulfate

Entertainment / Photography / Copper Sulfate: Chemical contained in certain bleaches, toners, intensifiers, and reducers. MORE

Ammonium Thiosulfate

Entertainment / Photography / Ammonium Thiosulfate: Highly active fixing agent used in rapid fixing solutions which works by converting unused silver halides to soluble complexes. MORE

Potassium Persulfate

Entertainment / Photography / Potassium Persulfate: Chemical sometimes used in super-proportional reducers. MORE

Sodium Thiosulfate

Entertainment / Photography / Sodium Thiosulfate: Chemical used in many fixing solutions. It converts unused halides to a soluble complex which can be removed by washing. MORE