Sulfuric Acid

Science / Chemistry / Sulfuric Acid: An oily, corrosive liquid that acts as a strong acid when dissolved in water. Sulfuric acid has so many industrial uses that sulfuric acid production was once used as an index of industrial productivity. Salts of sulfuric acids are called sulfates.

Battery Acid

Science / Chemistry / Battery Acid: A solution of approximately 6M sulfuric acid used in the lead storage battery. MORE

Acid Rain

Science / Biology / Acid Rain: The precipitation of sulfuric acid and other acids as rain. The acids form when sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides released during the combustion of fossil fuels combine with water and oxygen in the a MORE

Acid Anhydride

Science / Chemistry / Acid Anhydride: Nonmetallic oxides or organic compounds that react with water to form acids. For example, SO2, CO2, P2O5, and SO3 are the acid anhydrides of sulfurous, carbonic, phosphoric, and sulfuric acids, respec MORE

Strong Acid

Science / Chemistry / Strong Acid: A strong acid is an acid that completely dissociates into hydrogen ions and anions in solution. Strong acids are strong electrolytes. There are only six common strong acids: hcl (hydrochloric acid), h MORE

Hydroxy Acids

Health / Vitamins / Hydroxy Acids: Substances penetrating the epidermis and upper dermis aiming to slough dead skin cells, used as anti-aging and anti-wrinkle ingredient in skin care products, the large cosmetic market based on hydroxy MORE

Hydrolyzed Ascorbic Acid

Health / Vitamins / Hydrolyzed Ascorbic Acid: Substance deeply absorbed into skin cells stimulating collagen synthesis, it works as a powerful antioxidant, used in revitalizing skin care products. MORE