Surface Tension

Science / Chemistry / Surface Tension: The work required to expand the surface of a liquid by unit area.

Other Words for Surface

Surface Adjective Synonyms: exterior, covering, outside, top, skin, integument, facade, face, boundary, interface, superficies, side, plane
Surface Adverb Synonyms: pave, concrete, tarmac

Other Words for Tension

Tension Adjective Synonyms: stress, tightness, tautness, strain, pull, traction, pressure, tenseness, force


Life Style / Travel / Surface: Travel over land that does not involve an aircraft. MORE

Subsurface Rights

Business / Real Estate / Subsurface Rights: Ownership rights in a parcel of real estate to the water, minerals, gas, oil and so forth that lie beneath the surface of the property. MORE

Surface (Mounting)

Technology / Home Audio / Surface (Mounting): A method of mounting speakers in which the external parts of the upper speaker protrude above the surface on which it is mounted. MORE

Surface Boundary Layer

Science / Weather / Surface Boundary Layer: The lowest layer of the earth's atmosphere, usually up to 3,300 feet, or one kilometer, from the earth's surface, where the wind is influenced by the friction of the earth's surface and the objects on MORE

Surface Development

Entertainment / Photography / Surface Development: Development process in which the image forms primarily on the surface of the emulsion and then penetrates deeper. MORE

Standard Surface Pressure

Science / Weather / Standard Surface Pressure: The measurement of one atmosphere of pressure under standard conditions. It is equivalent to 1,013.25 millibars, 29.92 inches of mercury, 760 millimeters of mercury, 14.7 pounds per square inch, or 1. MORE