Science / Chemistry / Surfactant: A material that spreads along a surface, changing the properties of the surface. For example, soap spreads over a water surface and lowers its surface tension.

Ox Gall

Life Style / Painting / Ox Gall: Derived from the bile of domestic cows or other bovines, ox gall is added to paint as a surfactant or wetting agent to allow paint to flow more freely. MORE

Inert Ingredient

Business / Agriculture / Inert Ingredient: Pesticide components such as solvents, carriers, dispersants, and surfactants that are not active against target pests. Inert ingredients may be toxic and may be subject to testing under the Federal I MORE

Industrial Crops

Business / Agriculture / Industrial Crops: Crops that primarily have industrial applications in contrast to food or livestock feed uses. Industrial uses account for a relatively small but a growing and potentially much larger share of the mark MORE