Science / Chemistry / Synthesis: Formation of a complex product from simpler reactants. For example, water can be synthesized from oxygen and hydrogen gas: H2(g) + ??O2(g) rightarrow H2O(ell).

Other Words for Synthesis

Synthesis Verb Synonyms: blend, compound, merge, union, amalgamation, coalescence, integration, unifying, unification, composite, composition, mixture, combination, compounding, combining, blending, merging, union, amalgamation, coalescence, integrating, mixing, fusing, fusion, u

Wave Table Synthesis

Technology / Home Audio / Wave Table Synthesis: A technique for generating sounds from digital signals. Wave table synthesis stores digital samples of sound from various instruments, which can then be combined, edited, and enhanced to reproduce sou MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Chemosynthesis: Primary production of organic matter, using various substances instead of light as an energy source; confined to a few groups of microorganisms MORE


Science / Biology / Photosynthesis: The process by which plant cells use solar energy to produce ATP. The conversion of unusable sunlight energy into usable chemical energy, associated with the actions of chlorophyll. MORE

Subtractive Synthesis

Entertainment / Photography / Subtractive Synthesis: Combination color system used in modern photography materials. The complimentary colors of yellow, magenta and cyan are formed to provide a reasonably full color image. MORE

Additive Synthesis

Entertainment / Photography / Additive Synthesis: Method of producing full-color images by mixing light of the three primary color wavelengths, blue, green and red. MORE

Color Synthesis

Entertainment / Photography / Color Synthesis: Combinations of colored light or dye layers that will collectively produce a colored image. MORE