Science / Chemistry / T-Shape: A molecular shape that results when there are 3 bonds and 2 lone pairs around the central atom in the molecule. The atoms bonded to the central atom lie at the ends of a 'T' with 90° angles between them. Icl3 has a T-shaped molecular geometry.


Technology / Home Audio / Hypercardioid: A narrower heart-shaped pick-up pattern than that of cardioid microphones. MORE

Telescoping Gage

Business / Machine Shop / Telescoping Gage: A T-shaped gage used to measure the diameter or width of holes. MORE


Science / Biology / Sternum: The breastbone. MORE

Bullet Horn (Tweeter)

Technology / Home Audio / Bullet Horn (Tweeter): A type of tweeter in which the radiator has a large passive, bullet-shaped device above its center that extends the nominal dispersion angle of the sound, thus allowing it to cover a greater area with MORE


Science / Geology / Barchan: A sand dune that is crescent-shaped in map view. Barchan dunes form in areas of limited sand supply. They move across the desert floor with their gently sloping convex sides facing upwind and their st MORE


Science / Biology / Prothallus: In ferns, a small heart-shaped bisexual gametophyte. MORE