Science / Chemistry / Temperature: Temperature is an intensive property associated with the hotness or coldness of an object. It determines the direction of spontaneous heat flow (always from hot to cold).

Temperature Rise

Technology / Motors / Temperature Rise: Some of the electrical energy losses inherent in motors are converted to heat causing some of the motor parts to heat up when the motor is running. The heated parts are at a higher temperature than th MORE

Temperature Tests

Technology / Motors / Temperature Tests: Tests conducted to determine the temperature rise of certain parts of a motor above the ambient temperature, when operating under specific conditions. MORE

Air Temperature Switch

Technology / Motors / Air Temperature Switch: A device used in air hooded motors to detect the temperature of the exhausted air. When used in this manner an air temperature switch will detect blockage in the cooling air system or long-term motor MORE

Absolute Temperature

Science / Chemistry / Absolute Temperature: Temperature measured on a scale that sets absolute zero as zero. In the SI system, the kelvin scale is used to measure absolute temperature. MORE

Critical Temperature (Tc)

Science / Chemistry / Critical Temperature (Tc): The temperature at the critical point. A gas above the critical temperature will never condense into a liquid, no matter how much pressure is applied. Most substances have a critical temperature that MORE

Standard Temperature And Pressure

Science / Chemistry / Standard Temperature And Pressure: Used to describe a substance at standard pressure and a temperature of 0°C (273.15 K). MORE