Science / Chemistry / Thermodynamics: The study of energy transfers and transformations.

First Law Of Thermodynamics (Conservation)

Science / Biology / First Law Of Thermodynamics (Conservation): Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it changes from one form to another. MORE

Second Law Of Thermodynamics (Entropy)

Science / Biology / Second Law Of Thermodynamics (Entropy): The energy available after a chemical reaction is less than that at the beginning of a reaction; energy conversions are not 100% efficient. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Heat: Heat is a transfer of energy that occurs when objects with different temperatures are placed into contact. Heat is a process, not a property of a material. MORE


Science / Chemistry / System: In thermodynamics, the system is the part of the universe that is of interest. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Surroundings: In thermodynamics, the surroundings refer to the universe outside the system. MORE

Physical Chemistry

Science / Chemistry / Physical Chemistry: A branch of chemistry that studies chemical phenomena from a physical and mathematical perspective. Physical chemistry includes chemical thermodynamics, kinetics, spectroscopy, quantum chemistry, and MORE