Thin Layer Chromatography

Science / Chemistry / Thin Layer Chromatography: A technique for separating components in a mixture on the basis of their differing polarities. A spot of sample is placed on a flat sheet coated with silica and then carried along by a solvent that soaks the sheet. Different components will move different distances over the surface. TLC is a useful screening technique in clinical chemistry; for example, it can be used to detect the presence of drugs in urine.

Other Words for Thin

Thin Noun Synonyms: slim, slender, lean, spare, slight, lanky, spindly, skinny, thin as a rail or reed or rake, wispy, twiggy, skeletal, gaunt, gangling, bony, emaciated, cadaverous, meager, scrawny, all skin and bones, scraggy, undernourished, underfed, underweight, undersi
Thin Adjective Synonyms: airy, filmy, diaphanous, gossamer, sheer, light, delicate, chiffon, silky, silken, gauzy, translucent, see-through, transparent

Surface Boundary Layer

Science / Weather / Surface Boundary Layer: The lowest layer of the earth's atmosphere, usually up to 3,300 feet, or one kilometer, from the earth's surface, where the wind is influenced by the friction of the earth's surface and the objects on MORE

Summation Layer Amount

Science / Weather / Summation Layer Amount: The amount of sky cover for each layer is given in eighths of sky cover attributable to clouds or obscurations. The summation amount for any given layer is equal to the sum of the sky cover for the la MORE

Straight Player

Entertainment / Bowling / Straight Player: A player that relies on accuracy at the expense of power. MORE