Science / Chemistry / Unit: A standard for comparison in measurements. For example, the meter is a standard length which may be compared to any object to describe its length.

Other Words for Unit

Unit Noun Synonyms: element, component, entity, part, item, constituent, piece, portion, segment, section, module

Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)

Technology / Computers / Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU): Arithmetic Logic Unit. This is a mathematical core circuitry that applies to all computers central processing units (CPU). ALU mathematically and logically calculates the results of binary data. MORE

Medium Attachment Unit (MAU)

Technology / Computers / Medium Attachment Unit (MAU): An Ethernet device used for sending and receiving transmissions between the AUI (Attachment Unit Interface) port of a station and the common medium of the Ethernet. MORE

Unit Investment Trust (UIT)

Business / Taxes / Unit Investment Trust (UIT): A UIT may be a fixed portfolio of bonds with specific maturity dates, a portfolio of income-producing stocks, or a portfolio of all of the securities included in a particular index. Examples of the la MORE

Pioneer Community

Science / Biology / Pioneer Community: The initial community of colonizing species. MORE

Closed Community

Science / Biology / Closed Community: A community in which populations have similar range boundaries and density peaks; forms a discrete unit with sharp boundaries. MORE

Climax Community

Science / Biology / Climax Community: The stage in community succession where the community has become relatively stable through successful adjustment to its environment. MORE