Unsaturated Fat

Science / Chemistry / Unsaturated Fat: A lipid containing one or more carbon-carbon double bonds. Unsaturated fats tend to be oily liquids and are obtained from plants.

Other Words for Fat

Fat Noun Synonyms: obese, stout, overweight, heavy, plump, rotund, corpulent, portly, well-fed, chubby, podgy or pudgy, roly-poly, tubby, bulky, fleshy, paunchy, pot-bellied, overfed, flabby, elephantine, broad in the beam, beamy, beefy
Fat Adjective Synonyms: oily, oleaginous, unctuous, greasy, fatty, pinguid, sebaceous, adipose

List Fatigue

Technology / Email / List Fatigue: A condition producing diminishing returns from a mailing list whose members are sent too many offers, or too many of the same offers, in too short a period of time. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Lukfata: Reported as derived from a Moore's Early x V.champini unreported variety 1893 cross by T.V. Munson. Is a hardy female pollinate, so needs growing near suitable pollinator (eg. Ives (Noir)). Highly dis MORE

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Health / Vitamins / Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Fatty acids which may have health benefits including protection against heart disease, asthma, cancer, arthritis and other disorders. MORE

Polyunsaturated Fat

Health / Vitamins / Polyunsaturated Fat: A fat in which there are two or more links in the chain of carbon atoms that can be opened to accept hydrogen atoms. MORE

Grandfather Clause

Business / Finance / Grandfather Clause: Performance measure developed by John Graham and Campbell Harvey. The idea is to lever the S&P 500 portfolio to exactly match the volatility of the fund. The difference between the fund's return and t MORE

Godfather Offer

Business / Finance / Godfather Offer: An individual's or institution's financial objective. MORE