Unsaturated Solution

Science / Chemistry / Unsaturated Solution: A solution with a concentration lower than its equilibrium solubility.

Other Words for Solution

Solution Adjective Synonyms: dissolving, dissolution, mixing, mixture
Solution Noun Synonyms: solving, working or figuring out, discovery, finding out, unravelling, explication, deciphering, decipherment, elucidation, revelation, clarification, explanation, answer, key
Solution Adverb Synonyms: mixture, blend, compound, infusion, liquid, fluid, emulsion, suspension, colloid or colloidal solution or colloidal suspension

Saturated Solution

Science / Chemistry / Saturated Solution: A solution which does not dissolve any more solute. When a saturated solution is placed in contact with additional solute, solute neither dissolves nor is deposited from a saturated solution. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Solution: A sample of matter consisting of more than one pure substance with properties that do not vary within the sample. Also called a homogeneous mixture. MORE

Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC)

Business / Finance / Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC): A government agency established in 1989 and disbanded in 1996 that administered federal savings and loan institutions that were insolvent between 1989 and August 1992 by either bailing them out or mer MORE

Resolution Trust Corporation

Business / Real Estate / Resolution Trust Corporation: The organization created by FIRREA to liquidate the assets of failed savings and loan associations. MORE

Resolution In Bearing

Technology / Radar / Resolution In Bearing: The ability to display multiple objects individually that are closely spaced at the same range. Shorter pulse lengths increase resolution MORE

Resolution In Range

Technology / Radar / Resolution In Range: The ability to display multiple objects individually that are closely spaced at the same bearing. Smaller horizontal beam width increases resolution. MORE