Valence Shell

Science / Chemistry / Valence Shell: The shell corresponding to the highest value of principal quantum number in the atom. The valence electrons in this shell are on average farther from the nucleus than other electrons; they are often directly involved in chemical reaction.

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Shell Noun Synonyms: cartridge, projectile, shot


Science / Chemistry / Valence: The number of hydrogen atoms that typically bond to an atom of an element. For example, in H2O, oxygen has a valence of 2; carbon in CH4 has a valence of four. MORE

Valence Bond

Science / Chemistry / Valence Bond: In the valence bond theory, a valence bond is a chemical bond formed by overlap of half-filled atomic orbitals on two different atoms. MORE

Tour Shells

Life Style / Travel / Tour Shells: Brochures containing artwork, graphics and/or illustrations but bare of copy, which are overprinted by individual tour operators or wholesalers with their contact information. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Subshell: A set of electrons with the same azimuthal quantum number. The number of electrons permitted in a subshell is equal to 2ell + 1. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Ambivalence: The coexistence of contradictory emotions, attitudes, ideas, or desires with respect to a particular person, object, or situation. Ordinarily, the ambivalence is not fully conscious and suggests psyc MORE

Valence Bond Theory

Science / Chemistry / Valence Bond Theory: A theory that explains the shapes of molecules in terms of overlaps between half-filled atomic orbitals, or half filled 'hybridized' orbitals (which are a mixture of atomic orbitals). MORE