Van Der Waals Force

Science / Chemistry / Van Der Waals Force: A force acting between nonbonded atoms or molecules. Includes dipole-dipole, dipole-induced dipole, and London forces.

Other Words for Force

Force Verb Synonyms: exact, extort, extract, wrest, wring, drag
Force Adjective Synonyms: power, might, energy, strength, potency, vigor, intensity, violence, impact, dynamism, pressure
Force Noun Synonyms: troops, soldiers, army

Principal Stockholder

Business / Finance / Principal Stockholder: A stockholder who owns 10% or more of the voting stock of a company. Such stockholders must report all trading in the stock to the SEC pursuant insider trading rules. MORE

Primary Lenders

Business / Real Estate / Primary Lenders: Originators of real estate loans including commercial banks, savings and loan associations and mutual savings banks. MORE


Health / Dentistry / Provider: A licensed health care facility, program, agency, physician or health professional that delivers health care services. MORE

Provider Directory

Health / Dentistry / Provider Directory: Provider directories are listings of providers who have contracted with a managed care network to provide care to its participants. Participants may refer to the directory to select in-network provide MORE

Provider Manual

Health / Health Insurance / Provider Manual: A document that contains information concerning a provider's rights and responsibilities as part of a network. MORE

Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Health / Health Insurance / Primary Care Provider (PCP): A health care professional (usually a physician) who is responsible for monitoring an individual's overall health care needs. Typically, a PCP serves as a 'quarterback' for an individual's medical car MORE