Science / Chemistry / Vinyl: A polymer made by linking ethylene (CH2=CH2) or substituted ethylene molecules together.

Vinyl Film

Entertainment / Photography / Vinyl Film: Is an emulsion coating on a polyvinyl chloride acetate base, with less shrinkage than conventional film bases. MORE

Polyvinyl Acetate

Life Style / Painting / Polyvinyl Acetate: A synthetic resin largely used as a vehicle for many latex paints. Often referred to as PVA. MORE


Health / First Aid / Latex: This material is made of the sap of many plants, which coagulates on exposure to air. It is also produced synthetically. MORE

Water Based Paint

Life Style / Painting / Water Based Paint: Any paint made with acrylic, vinyl or latex resins, and thinned with water. It dries more quickly than oil-based paint, has a relatively low odor and cleans up easily. MORE


Technology / Cell Phones / Analog: A signaling method that uses continuous changes in the amplitude or frequency of a radio transmission to convey information. It relies on a continuous (rather than pulsed as in digital) electrical sig MORE

Digital Sound

Technology / Television (TV) / Digital Sound: A technology (e.g., cds) that converts sound into numbers: this allows computers to process and/or change the recorded sound. It has been replacing analog sound processes (e.g., vinyl albums and audio MORE