Visible Light

Science / Chemistry / Visible Light: Visible light is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength between 400 and 750 nm.

Other Words for Light

Light Adjective Synonyms: ignite, set alight, set or put a match to, kindle, burn, touch off, set fire to, fire
Light Noun Synonyms: illumination, brightness, daylight, lamplight, candlelight, firelight, gaslight, torchlight, starlight, moonlight, sunlight, gegenschein, counterglow
Light Verb Synonyms: turn on, switch on, put on

Other Words for Visible

Visible Noun Synonyms: obvious, conspicuous, evident, apparent, prominent, manifest, distinct, patent, well-defined, identifiable
Visible Adjective Synonyms: seeable, perceivable, perceptible, discernible, detectable, discoverable, noticeable, unmistakable or unmistakeable, clear, obvious, observable, visual

Ultraviolet Light

Science / Chemistry / Ultraviolet Light: Electromagnetic radiation with wavelength longer than that of x-rays but shorter than that of visible light. Ultraviolet light can break some chemical bonds and cause cell damage. MORE

Light Waves

Science / Weather / Light Waves: That part of the electromagnetic spectrum that contains visible light. The colors, from longest wave length to shortest, are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet (ROY G. BIV). MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Lighting: The placement, type, direction, and brightness or dimness of lights used on stage. Often lighting can establish mood, highlight specific characters, actions, or scenes, or serve symbolic purposes. MORE

Lighting Color

Technology / Television (TV) / Lighting Color: Light may be 'colored' by placing a filter or gelatin in front of a light source. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Lightfastness: No loss of color due to exposure to light, heat or weathering. MORE

Lighter-Than-Air Craft (LTAC)

Technology / Aviation / Lighter-Than-Air Craft (LTAC): Generally referring to powered blimps and dirigibles, but often also includes free balloons. MORE