Science / Chemistry / Vitamin: A substance that is critical for proper functioning of a living organism that the organism is unable to produce in sufficient quantities for itself.

Prenatal Vitamins

Health / Vitamins / Prenatal Vitamins: Specially formulated multivitamins that ensure a pregnant woman gets enough essential micronutrients. Prenatal supplements generally contain more folic acid, iron, and calcium than standard adult supp MORE

Vitamin E

Health / Vitamins / Vitamin E: Vitamin belonging to the tocopherols group, essential in cellular respiration of the muscles, works as antioxidant preventing peroxide formation, decreases the formation of scar tissues outside and in MORE


Health / Vitamins / Multivitamin: A pill, beverage, or other substance containing more than one vitamin. MORE


Science / Biology / Vitamins: A diverse group of organic molecules that are required for metabolic reactions and generally cannot be synthesized in the body. MORE

Vitamin C

Health / Vitamins / Vitamin C: Water-soluble vitamin with antioxidant and preservative properties, stimulates immune function, helps the body heal and repair damaged tissues, essential compound in thhe formation of collagen, protec MORE

Vitamin B

Health / Vitamins / Vitamin B: Vitamin complex group providing energy to the body by conversing glucose from carbohydrates, maintains the nervous system and balances fats and proteins for the metabolism, water-soluble, all B-vitami MORE