Science / Chemistry / Wax: An ester formed from long-chain fatty acids and alcohols that is usually solid at room temperature.


Life Style / Painting / Beeswax: Has many uses in art, including: mixed with turpentine to make a wax polish for finishing oils, tempera and alkyds; mixed with varnish and turpentine to prepare a painting medium for oils; as a stiff MORE


Life Style / Painting / Ear-Wax: An occasional additive to some lake colours to improve their flow, an idea of the the late 17th century. MORE

Waxed Paper Process

Entertainment / Photography / Waxed Paper Process: Is an early form of photography. A variation on the calotype process. MORE


Science / Astrology / Waxing: The phase of the lunation cycle from new Moon (Sun/Moon conjunction) to full (Sun/Moon opposition) during which the Moon appears to grow larger, increasing in light. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Encaustic: One of the oldest methods of painting, being practised from at least 3000 BC. Some of the finest existing examples are the mummy portraits from Fayum executed about the 3rd century AD. The colours are MORE


Life Style / Painting / Batik: Using wax resist designs on dyed fabrics. Colors are dyed lightest color to darkest color, with new design elements added before each color bath. MORE