Weak Acid

Science / Chemistry / Weak Acid: An acid that only partially dissociates into hydrogen ions and anions in solution. Weak acids are weak electrolytes. Recognize weak acids by learning the six common strong acids; any acid that doesn't appear on the list of strong acids is usually a weak acid.

Other Words for Weak

Weak Noun Synonyms: feeble, frail, fragile, unsubstantial, flimsy, breakable, frangible, delicate, rickety, unsteady, unsound, decrepit, shaky, infirm
Weak Verb Synonyms: frail, infirm, debilitated, enervated, delicate, sickly, anaemic, wasted, decrepit, puny, effete, worn out, tired, exhausted
Weak Adjective Synonyms: weak-minded, dim-witted, dull-witted, slow-witted, foolish, feeble-minded, simple, simple-minded, soft-headed, stupid, dull, moronic, imbecilic, dumb

Acid Rinse

Entertainment / Photography / Acid Rinse: Weak acid solution used after development and before fixation. By neutralizing alkaline developer left on the photographic material it arrests development. MORE

Acid-Base Indicator

Science / Chemistry / Acid-Base Indicator: A weak acid that has acid and base forms with sharply different colors. Changes in pH around the acid's pKa are 'indicated' by color changes. MORE

Carbonic Acid

Science / Geology / Carbonic Acid: A weak acid (H2CO3) that forms from the reaction of water and carbon dioxide. Most rain water is a very weak carbonic acid solution formed by the reaction of rain with small amounts of carbon dioxide MORE

Sulfurous Acid

Science / Chemistry / Sulfurous Acid: A colorless liquid that acts as a weak acid when dissolved in water, sometimes used as a bleach. Salts of sulfurous acid are called sulfites. MORE

Carboxylic Acid

Science / Chemistry / Carboxylic Acid: A carboxylic acid is an organic molecule with a -(C=O)-OH group. The group is also written as -COOH and is called a carboxyl group. The hydrogen on the -COOH group ionizes in water; carboxylic acids a MORE

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Health / Vitamins / Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Fatty acids which may have health benefits including protection against heart disease, asthma, cancer, arthritis and other disorders. MORE