Science / Chemistry / Wetting: Covering with a surface with thin film of liquid. Liquid beads up on a surface if it cannot wet it.

Wetting Agent

Life Style / Painting / Wetting Agent: A liquid to be added in small amounts to water-colour to reduce the surface tension and thus increase the flow of the colours. Oxgall has been the traditional agent, but now synthetic preparations aki MORE

Wetting Agents

Entertainment / Photography / Wetting Agents: Are chemicals which, when used in minute quantities, reduce the surface tension of water. They are usually added to the final wash of films and plates to improve draining. MORE

Ox Gall

Life Style / Painting / Ox Gall: Derived from the bile of domestic cows or other bovines, ox gall is added to paint as a surfactant or wetting agent to allow paint to flow more freely. MORE