X-Ray Spectrum

Science / Chemistry / X-Ray Spectrum: A set of characteristic x-ray frequencies or wavelengths produced by a substance used as a target in an x-ray tube. Each element has a characteristic x-ray spectrum, and there is a strong correlation between atomic number and the frequencies of certain lines in the x-ray spectrum.

Spread Spectrum

Technology / Cell Phones / Spread Spectrum: Initially devised for military use, this radio transmission technology spreads information over greater bandwidth than necessary to resist jamming and other interference. MORE

White Light Spectrum

Entertainment / Photography / White Light Spectrum: Is the electromagnetic wavelengths between 400-700 nanometers. Also referred to as the visible spectrum. MORE

Spectrum Cap

Technology / Cell Phones / Spectrum Cap: A limit to the allocated spectrum designated for a specific service. MORE

Spectrum Assignment

Technology / Cell Phones / Spectrum Assignment: Federal government authorization for use of specific frequencies or frequency pairs within a given allocation, at specific geographic locations. MORE

Spectrum Allocation

Technology / Cell Phones / Spectrum Allocation: Federal government assignment of a range of frequencies for a category of use or uses. For example, the FCC allocated the 1900 MHz band for personal communications services. Allocation, accomplished i MORE


Science / Chemistry / X-Ray: A very high energy form of electromagnetic radiation (though not as high energy as gamma rays). X-rays typically have wavelengths from a few picometers up to 20 nanometers. X-rays easily penetrate sof MORE