X-Ray Tube

Science / Chemistry / X-Ray Tube: A cathode ray tube that focuses energetic streams of electrons on a metal target, causing the metal to emit x-rays.

X-Ray Spectrum

Science / Chemistry / X-Ray Spectrum: A set of characteristic x-ray frequencies or wavelengths produced by a substance used as a target in an x-ray tube. Each element has a characteristic x-ray spectrum, and there is a strong correlation MORE

Tube-Within-A-Tube System

Science / Biology / Tube-Within-A-Tube System: A type of body plan in animals. The organism has two openings&emdash;one for food and one for the elimination of waste&emdash;and a specialized digestive system. MORE


Health / Disease / Tuberculosis: A chronic infectious disease usually caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis in humans. MORE

Tuberosity Maxillary

Health / Dentistry / Tuberosity Maxillary: The most distal portal of the maxillary alveolar ridge, that is applicable for implant support. MORE

Tube Nucleus

Science / Biology / Tube Nucleus: One of the cells in the male gametophyte in seed plants. The tube nucleus grows through the stigma, style, and into the ovule, clearing the way for the sperm nuclei to enter the embryo sac. MORE


Science / Biology / Tubers: Swollen underground stems in plants that store food, such as the irish potato. MORE