Advanced Maternal Age

Science / Genetics / Advanced Maternal Age: Women over age 34 (age 35 at delivery) at increased risk for nondisjunction trisomy in fetus.

Other Words for Age

Age Verb Synonyms: grow old(er), mature, ripen
Age Noun Synonyms: lifetime, duration, length of existence, life-span

Other Words for Maternal

Maternal Verb Synonyms: motherly, warm, nurturing, caring, understanding, affectionate, tender, kind, kindly, devoted, fond, doting, maternalistic


Business / Finance / Mortgager: The borrower of a loan secured by property. MORE

Mortgagees Title Insurance

Business / Real Estate / Mortgagees Title Insurance: An insurance policy protecting the lender for the amount of the loan in the event of a future title dispute. MORE

Moving Average

Business / Accounting / Moving Average: A way of smoothing out (i.e. removing the highs and lows) of a series of figures (usually shown as a graph). If you have, say, 12 months of sales figures and you decide on a moving average period of 3 MORE

Mr. (Or Mrs.) Average

Entertainment / Bowling / Mr. (Or Mrs.) Average: Facetious name for a bowler who doesn't show up, since his or her average is often used to compute team scoring. See also blind. MORE


Life Style / Wine / Mutage: The process of arresting fermentation by the addition of grape spirit, this is essentially fortification. See my feature on mutage, in my Sweet Wine series, for more detailed information. MORE

Multiclass Mortgage Securities

Business / Real Estate / Multiclass Mortgage Securities: Short- and long-term mortgage securities, with or without pass-through privileges. MORE