Alu Repetitive Sequence

Science / Genetics / Alu Repetitive Sequence: The most common dispersed repeated dna sequence in the human genome accounting for 5% of human dna. The name is derived from the fact that these sequences are cleaved by the restriction endonuclease alu.

Other Words for Repetitive

Repetitive Noun Synonyms: iterative, repetitious, incessant, monotonous, repeated, redundant, humdrum, unceasing, ceaseless, relentless, unremitting, persistent, recurrent, non-stop, uninterrupted, continual, constant, continuous

Other Words for Sequence

Sequence Noun Synonyms: succession, progression, order, series, chain, string, course, cycle, arrangement, organization, train, line, set, run, concatenation, system


Business / Real Estate / R-Value: A term used to describe the effectiveness of various kinds of insulation to indicate their resistance to heat flow. If more than one layer of insulation is used, the R-value of the individual layers a MORE

R Value

Business / Construction / R Value: A measure of insulation. A measure of a materials resistance to the passage of heat. The higher the R value, the more insulating 'power' it has. For example, typical new home's walls are usually insul MORE

Redemption Value

Business / Accounting / Redemption Value: The price, stated in the contract, to be paid by a company to repurchase preferred stock. MORE

Regulatory Region Or Sequence

Science / Genetics / Regulatory Region Or Sequence: A dna base sequence that controls gene expression. MORE

Relative Fair Market Value Method

Business / Accounting / Relative Fair Market Value Method: A way of allocating a lump-sum or 'basket' purchase price to the individual assets acquired based on their respective market values. MORE

R Factor Or Value

Business / Construction / R Factor Or Value: A measure of a materials resistance to the passage of heat. New homewalls are usually insulated with 4' of batt insulation with an R value of R-13, and a ceiling insulation of R-30. MORE