Science / Genetics / Amplification: An increase in the number of copies of a specific dna fragment: can be in vivo or in vitro.

Amplification Classes

Technology / Home Audio / Amplification Classes: All sound is a sinosoidial waveform. It has alternating peaks and valleys. The center point of each wave is the zero, or switching point that separates the positive (top) from the negative (bottom) po MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Bi-Amplification: Some speaker systems with multiple drivers do not contain a crossover network, and they require a separate amplifier for each frequency range. The bi-amplified system still requires an active crossove MORE

Gene Amplification

Science / Genetics / Gene Amplification: Any process by which specific dna sequences are replicated disproportionately greater than their representation in the parent molecules: during development, some genes become amplified in specific tis MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Acronym: (From Greek acron + onyma, 'tip or end of a name') A word formed from the initial letters in a phrase. For instance, many caucasians in America are called wasps. In this acronym, the letters W. A. S. MORE

Acid Rock

Entertainment / Music / Acid Rock: Genre of American rock that emerged in the late 1960s, often associated with psychedelic drugs. Its style featured heavy amplification, instrumental improvisation, new sound technologies, and light sh MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Laser: A hard, accurate shot. MORE