Behavioral Genetics

Science / Genetics / Behavioral Genetics: The study of genes that may influence behavior.

Managed Behavioral Health Organization (MBHO)

Health / Health Insurance / Managed Behavioral Health Organization (MBHO): An organization that provides behavioral health services using managed care techniques. MORE

Managed Behavioral Health

Health / Dentistry / Managed Behavioral Health: This is a program that covers your mental health and substance abuse care needs. In most cases, in-network benefits need to be pre-authorized by calling the Mental Health/Substance Abuse number on you MORE


Science / Biology / Genetics: The study of the structure and function of genes and the transmission of genes from parents to offspring. MORE

Microbial Genetics

Science / Genetics / Microbial Genetics: The study of genes and gene function in bacteria, archaea, and other microorganisms. Often used in research in the fields of bioremediation, alternative energy, and disease prevention. MORE

Molecular Genetics

Science / Genetics / Molecular Genetics: The study of macromolecules important in biological inheritance. MORE

Quantitative Genetics

Science / Marine Biology / Quantitative Genetics: The study of the genetic basis of traits, usually explained in terms of the interaction of a group of genes with the environment MORE